Update Your Cosmetics for Spring

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Update Your Cosmetics for Spring

Every year, I look forward to the arrival of spring. I enjoy caring for the beautiful blooming flowers in my yard. I also adore feeling the warmth of the sun on my face. Whenever this glorious season arrives, I immediately go shopping for spring clothes. I also like to update my cosmetics at this time. I like to purchase an array of cosmetics in bright spring hues such as peach, pink, and lilac. Spring is a great time to experiment with a new look. Don’t be afraid to try a new trend. On this blog, you will learn how to update your makeup collection for spring.


Do You Have Enough Vitamin C In Your Skin?

If multiple fine lines and wrinkles seemingly show up in your face overnight, you may blame your age for the drastic changes in your skin. Although getting older can lead to fine lines and wrinkles in your face, so can a lack of beneficial vitamin C. Learn more about vitamin C and how you can get more of it in your skin below.

How Does Vitamin C Benefit and Protect Your Skin?

Your body needs beneficial vitamin C to heal wounds, repair bone tissue, absorb iron, and do a host of other important things. Your skin needs vitamin C as well. If your skin doesn't absorb and use enough vitamin C during the day, it can age prematurely.

You receive most of the vitamin C your skin requires to function well through your diet. However, it may not be easy for you to eat everything you need each day to maintain your vitamin C intake on a regular basis. The lack of vitamin C can take a toll on your skin by causing more wrinkles and deep lines to develop in it. Your complexion may also become mottled and uneven over time. 

You can add more vitamin C-rich foods to your diet to combat the issues above, or you can use a vitamin C serum to fight the signs of aging.

How Can a Vitamin C Serum Help Your Skin?

Cosmetic specialists and other skin experts now use serums and other topical treatments to increase the vitamin C levels in their clients' skin. If you digest or take vitamin C by mouth, it may take longer to reach the cells in your skin. However, specialists apply vitamin C treatments directly to the surface of your skin.

Vitamin C serums penetrate the surface of the skin very quickly without leaving behind a sticky or messy residue. Once the vitamin C enters the skin, the nutrient seeks out the proteins and cells found inside it. The proteins and cells in your skin use the vitamin C to replenish and rebuild themselves.

The replenishing process may begin immediately, or it may take effect sometime later on. For example, some people notice smoother and more vibrant skin right away. Other individuals may notice profound changes in their skin a number of days after treatment. Your results may depend on several things, including the:

  • overall health of your skin
  • number of wrinkles and fine lines in your skin
  • amount of serum you need for your skin

Cosmetic specialists can discuss your expected treatment and results with you during your consultation. They may recommend a certain brand of serum, such as Obagi Vitamin C Serum

To learn more about vitamin C serum and how it can benefit your skin, contact a cosmetic specialist today.